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Principal Architect
Bachelor of Architecture, University of Utah, Department of Architecture, College of Fine Arts.
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, American Institute of Architects, The International Conference of Building Officials.

Professional Credentials:
In practice in Las Vegas since 1969, Architect Wilson has been instrumental in the creation hundreds of projects throughout the western region of the United States, including many projects from work on Circus-Circus Hotel and Casino, Aladdin Hotel and Casino, to ongoing work on commercial buildings, office buildings, multi-family units, and industrial buildings. Architect Wilson’s philosophy is that architecture combines the proper proportions of practicality, utility, and delight, and is a reflection of a specific moment in the history of a culture.  The realization of architecture falls into specific functional types, developed through the communication and design processes. It is his feeling that architecture, by nature, becomes a union of functional and economic design with aesthetic value, richness, and attraction to create meaning and identity  for the client and the community.

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The firm of Gary Guy Wilson Studios recognizes the combined responsibility that we, as Architects and Clients have to our neighbors, towns, and society in achieving design that will improve the quality of our built environment, as well as solving functional and economic concerns.  We believe our clients also recognize this role and share in this philosophy.

Selected Project Experience:
7-Eleven @ Silverado & Bermuda
Amesbury & Schutt Law Office Addition
C.S.E. Building
Candee’s Color Tech @ Valley View
Carl’s Jr. @ Ann Road & Simmons
Chief Auto Parts @ Highway 160
Chung Enterprise @ Tropicana
Civic Center Renovation
Commercial Center @ Centennial & 95
Discount Tire @ Rancho
Eyemasters @ Stephanie
Frontage Road Retail
Freeway Office Park @ Industrial
Intercapital Building @ Tropicana
Lake Mead Professional Plaza
Laker Plaza @ Lake Mead Drive
Lawrence’s Add’n. @ Maryland Pkwy.
Lorcin Industrial Building
Mahban Professional Office @ Windmill
Mercedes “CA?@ Sahara & Tenaya
Medical Offices Interior Remodel @ Polaris
Mini-Storage @ Carey & Dolly
Office Park @ Sunset & Sandhill
Office Warehouse @ Craig & Lawrence
Retail/Food Court @ Cheyenne
Retail Pad @ Renaissance III
Storage One @ Centennial & Coleman
Summerlin Mini-Storage
Taco Bell/Pizza Hut @ Nellis & Bonanza
Superior Tire @ Warm Springs
Town & Country Shopping Center
Washburn Industrial

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