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Chief Executive Officer


Bachelor of University Studies with Emphasis on Environmental Development
Postgraduate work at the University of Utah, Graduate School of Architecture

Associate Member American Institute of Architects

Professional Credentials:
Mr. Wilson holds a rich history at
GGWArchitects. He began in 1976 as a young intern, providing assistance as needed.  From filing to drafting, he absorbed all aspects of the firm. Upon returning in 1985 after college, Cash has been actively involved in every facet of this Architectural practice, assisting in the delivery of services on hundreds of projects.

Cash manages the business operations of the company. Organization is the key principal by which this firm functions. He has carefully built a talented and cohesive administrative team at GGWArchitects that is unmatched, all leading to a smooth and efficient operation.  He also manages and directs Client Services. This responsibility is taken very seriously.  Cash is relentless in his pursuit of client satisfaction.  In his 20 years of service, clients have come to depend on him as though part of their own staff.  He works closely with them, their staff, and project managers to assure the client’s needs are understood and met.

In addition to overseeing the business and client service aspects of GGWArchitects, Cash has engaged in numerous successful land development and investment business ventures on the local, national, and international level.

Sharp, accurate, and determined define Cash.  He represents GGWArchitects well, providing a quality of service that our clients have appreciated over and over again.

Selected Project Experience:
7-Eleven @ Silverado & Bermuda
Amesbury & Schutt Law Office Addition
C.S.E. Building
Candee’s Color Tech @ Valley View
Carl’s Jr. @ Ann Road & Simmons
Chief Auto Parts @ Highway 160
Chung Enterprise @ Tropicana
Civic Center Renovation
Commercial Center @ Centennial & 95
Discount Tire @ Rancho
Eyemasters @ Stephanie
Frontage Road Retail
Freeway Office Park @ Industrial
Intercapital Building @ Tropicana
Lake Mead Professional Plaza
Laker Plaza @ Lake Mead Drive
Lawrence’s Add’n. @ Maryland Pkwy.
Lorcin Industrial Building
Mahban Professional Office @ Windmill
Mercedes “CA” @ Sahara & Tenaya
Medical Offices Interior Remodel @ Polaris
Mini-Storage @ Carey & Dolly
Office Park @ Sunset & Sandhill
Office Warehouse @ Craig & Lawrence
Retail/Food Court @ Cheyenne
Retail Pad @ Renaissance III
Storage One @ Centennial & Coleman
Summerlin Mini-Storage
Taco Bell/Pizza Hut @ Nellis & Bonanza
Superior Tire @ Warm Springs
Town & Country Shopping Center
Washburn Industrial

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