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We feel that with our selected consultant resource and with our own past experience and strengths on similar projects, we have assembled the best possible team.  We cannot over-emphasize the importance of the team approach to planning and design.  We feel that our firm, our consultants, our clients, and their designated staff will comprise a team highly qualified to create an exciting and responsive design solution.
We have key personnel and resources available and, more importantly, ready to proceed with this new project on a timely and responsive basis.

Before GGW Architects considers submitting a proposal for a project, a summary of the project and what it entails is reviewed by the Principal and staff.  Once a proposal is submitted, a commitment has been made.  That commitment is for staff availability and for the best and most appropriate application of our varied skills, talents, and energies.

We are by nature an optimistic firm.  We get excited by new projects and ideas.  We will not undertake a project about which we do not have the utmost confidence for success.  And, we will not undertake a project unless we know we can, and WILL bring to bear our very best efforts and enthusiasm.

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